Saturday, 21 January 2012

Easy Design Card Tutorial

In a recent issue of Making Magazine I saw these cute little cards which were promoted as a 15 minute project (as I have explained I am not the most patient of people so this was perfect for me :0). I had a spare hour yesterday before picking up the kids so thought i'd have a go.

To make punched Card you need the following:

Paper & Pencil
Blank Greeting Card (or feel free to customise your own from card)
Piece of foam or polystyrene
Thick sewing needle
Soft Rubber
Glue (suitable for fabric etc)
Bits & bobs for decorating (eg buttons, fabric, ribbons)

1. Mock a design on a spare piece of paper and when you are happy transfer this to your card.

2. Place the card on top of the foam (make sure you open out the card) Then you can use the needle to punch holes through the card along your lines at regular spaces (approx 2mm)

3. Gently use the rubber to remove all pencil lines and then use your buttons etc to decorate as desired.

I was banding around the idea of maybe removing areas with a craft knife, (similar to a doily) then maybe back them with contrasting coloured paper.This might lend itself to a more intricate design so I think i'll give this a go, i'll keep you posted!!

Another thing I thought would be nice is to utilise some lovely gift paper, wallpaper etc to make a lovely envelope as this great Mondocherry Tutorial.  
Or try some fabric ones like these beautiful ones I found on this Papernstitch Blog

Well, let me know how you go, I would love to know how you get on!! :0)

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