Sunday, 15 January 2012

What have I started......Oh well what next?

Well it has been an eventful but frustrating day. I've taken most of it to try and fathom it out and i'm starting to wonder what I have started........Anyway hoping it will become clearer with time and then I can get on with the matter in hand......crafting.

Well tomorrow is a new day, I really must jump in with both feet and get on with it :0'......but i'm wondering what to start with. There is the option to talk about a few previous projects that I have thoroughly enjoyed working on, or I could show my new discovery, Needle Felting (Oh my god what fun, and the easiest thing ever).................... Or what the hell!!!  Both?

Help me out here and let me know what you think. 

PS. Leave me a message to let me know who has read this. Not sure that my blog has extended past my Facebook friends yet...........Or if you are feeling really charitable you could always become a member to help me on my way, at least I won't feel such a Billy No Mates then :0D



  1. Hi,

    Exciting stuff! I've just added you to my blog list (I read blogs via google reader!) I've just got a neddle felting kit too :-)

    Good luck with it! Sarah

    P.s. Tracey - I've also got a blog for my textiles degree ... I'm terrible at writing, but there might be some books / techniques and stuff you find interesting! x

    1. Thanks Sarah, added yours too. Textiles degree? thought you'd been quiet recently xx