Saturday, 14 January 2012

Well here's my first post on my all new blog!! :0)......Thought it might be a good medium to reach all those interested, instead of boring my husband and friends with my ventures whilst rediscovering my old (but not too old) creative side.

I am a wife and mother to Cameron age 10 and Amelia age 8. Other than a GCSE in textiles and a long line of of sewers & knitters in my family I have no training. .............My way may not always be the right way but fingers crossed it usually (ok.....occasionally :0)  gets me there.

A few months ago my wonderful thoughtful husband unexpectedly arrived home with a sewing machine to tempt me from my sick bed. Since then my hoarding has reached astronomic proportions, much to his dismay. I have now managed to fill the space under one of my kitchen benches and have discreetly moved on to filling the space under the remaining one.

I have always loved baking and cooking but since the sewing machine turned up things have thankfully returned to all things crafty (at least it's better for my waistline)

I hope you enjoy

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  1. Who would of thought all these years later, from those textiles GCSE days, we'd both rediscover our love for textiles!?! :-)