Sunday, 11 March 2012

Nanny Miller's Vintage Inspiration gets a 21st Century Twist!!!

After my experimentations with some old embroidery patterns in which I made my beloved little tote bag I thought i'd try to bring a similar design skipping merrily into this century. 

I found a lovely ipad case tutorial; it was such a cute simple design and I thought I could easily adapt it..........I decided to give it a lovely vintage fabric lining, embroidered a simple design taken from my Nan's patterns, then attached my cute felt tag that I love so much :0)

To fasten they had suggested using embroidery silks & buttons so I plaited the silks and finished it by threading some toning bugle beads, the buttons were some I found in my private stash.

I'm Really pleased with how it has turned out...........Next thing i'll maybe try some alternative colours and adapt into an iphone/ipod case when I get a moment.

Let me know what you think!!! :0) xx

1 comment:

  1. Lovely, can I have one for my phone PPPPPLLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!

    Mum xxx