Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Recycled Paper Heart Bunting

Came across some lovely paper heart bunting on Etsy so thought i'd give it a whirl :0)

In contrast to my usual ad lib method I decided I would do some quick research into how to make the paper hearts. While I was doing this I came across this lovely blog which had a fantastic tutorial which I did read through and then proceeded to ignore, as I usually do :0)

I had an old well read book which had recently started to fall apart so thought this was a good start and also found some lovely yellow card buried in my stash.............well spring is coming, I can but dream :0)

With a few hurdles (which I am sure this tutorial would have ironed out :0') this is what I came up with. Not perfect by any means but a start :0)

Fortunately I have learnt that even though the paper & card I used was sufficient it was delicate. If I was making this for others I would be hesitant to repeat the recycled book without suggesting some type of reinforcement (but not sure if this would appear too bulky?)........... As well as this I would extend the central spine of the heart, used to thread them onto the bunting. This would enable you to directly attach the heart to the main cord which would achieve overall a cleaner finish and prevent the hearts from annoyingly spinning.

Your comments would be much appreciated :0)


  1. I think they look very nice Tracey.

    1. Thanks, just a few kinks to iron out :0)

  2. Why don't you take time and watch/read the tutorial PROPERLY TO THE END and then you might get all the answers you want and need.
    Just like your Dad!!!!!

    They look nice anyway, HA!HA! xxxxx


    1. I'm my fathers daughter :0) x

    2. And don't I know it......... xx :o))