Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cute Needle Felting Ideas

As I have mentioned before I have recently discovered needle felting. On another tempting trip to my aforementioned Craft Days at Saffron Walden I came across this needle felting kit. I had intentionally gone in just to look and maybe buy the basics if I really couldn't contain myself.

As you can see I managed to sneakily buy the starter kit, readily egged on by Mimi aka Mini Miggy, whilst Brad (my poor forgiving hubby :0) perused the shelves of the gaming shop opposite. ..........In my head this was perfect justification as he invariably ends up being talked into the latest game my No.1 son just can't live without (naturally he is a complete push over!!)

I started by taking a crash course, courtesy of youtube. This helpful lady suggested using biscuit cutters to achieve a basic shape as shown in this photo. I used an old scrap of material as a base then proceeded to perforate my finger :0) until I had filled the cutter with the pink wool. 

I then removed the heart cutter and tidied the edges up by folding them in slightly to create a cleaner shape. Basically the more you stab your work with the barbed needle the firmer the finish. I then highlighted with a little of the green to create some interest. (with hindsight I probably didn't need the scrap of material as a base but i'll know for next time)

After this I removed as much of the material as I could without damaging my heart. As you can see it came in handy when I was test running my scarf ideas.

Here is a little pumpkin that Mimi also found on youtube, which she made along side me today (with only a little help from me). I really love this and she was more than chuffed as she absolutely adores these jolly little vegetables. A future halloween project I think :0)

Whilst she did this I made this little heart which I thought would look fantastic as a pendant on a necklace. 

Thanks to a quick trip to my Jewellery Guru, Debs (who unfortunately I can't thank via a link as she is still to learn about the wonders of online selling :0) I have now learned the different ways I could achieve the desired affect. This is what she has come up with in the space of about five minutes. I also came out with a few ideas that I will pop out and buy materials for tomorrow. I'm itching to try a cute little toadstool or a strawberry on a simple silver or gold chain for that retro candy style....... I'll let you know how I get on!!

I should also add that Debs has kindly offered to try and sell these and my scarves on her craft stall. I keep talking about it but she has finally taken the bull by the horns and offered :0).....Maybe if I have some anonymous success via her I will pluck up the courage and confidence to join her next time. 

Let me know what you think and if you have any further suggestions on more ways I could use this perky little craft. 


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  1. Kim Lillistone6 March 2012 at 15:34

    Well done NEVER take a male into craft shop unless he is bying you something as a pressie