Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring Has Sprung in the Miggy Household!! - Phone / MP3 Cases

Phone / MP3 Cases £10
 Nanny Miller twists again!!!!......After my Vintage inspired tote bag &  ipad case I thought i'd try phone/MP3 Cases and as spring is in the air I just couldn't resist brightening it up a little too :0)

I have made them to snuggly accommodate my iphone with it's express on cover so I didn't need to add any closure but that could be added for extra security.

Keep a look out for them on Debs' jewellery stall at the next Great Garnets Farmer & Craft Market  



  1. I was given one for Mothers Day, and it fits my phone great!!

    Thank you.

    Mum xx

  2. I love the one with a bird on it :) i love anything with birds on it lol